The Dalton House is a non-profit organization founded to be lighthouse for navigating trauma, grief, and loss recovery. The Dalton House was built in the legacy of my brother, Dalton who was killed in a motorcycle crash on July 26, 2019. We built this organization through the legacy of my brother, as well as our own journey up our mountain of trauma, grief, and loss.

The Dalton House is here to serve children, families, first responders, EMS, police, nurses, and communities who have experienced, endured, and journeyed through trauma, grief, and loss. We are here to give you the tools to journey through, overcome, and conquer your story. Each of our mountains that we are navigating are personal, unique, and ours to own.

Our mission exists for The Dalton House to be a lighthouse for community members to find refuge, support and education related to trauma, grief, and loss.

Our vision here at The Dalton House is achieve improved access to trauma, grief and loss recovery resources for members of communities, now and for future generations.

We invite you to start and accomplish a movement, a mountain, of healing through healthy coping, healthy support, healthy choices, and healthy mindset.

Meet Dalton Keith Johnson

Dalton Keith Johnson entered this beautiful world on August 15, 2000, and instantly, the world was a brighter place. Born to Neil and LindyAnne Johnson, making them parents to their very first little boy. Dalton is the only brother in a sibling tribe of four; three girls and one boy, our boy, Dalton. Dalton lived 6920 days on Earth and each day was blessed to meet his smile. Dalton’s enormous passion, kindness, selflessness, and caring heart was evident in his daily life. Dalton’s 6920 days on this Earth gave life to what is now, The Dalton House. Dalton was killed on July 26, 2019 when a distracted driver pulled out in front of him while he was driving home from school on his motorcycle. Dalton was killed instantly. Dalton’s spirit was to beautiful for Earth, his smile infectious, his tender soul continuing to touch people every day. The Dalton House was born in light of Dalton’s passion, climbing mountains and overcoming adversity. As I write this, I believe I could write a book, but I will leave this introduction to Dalton’s 6920 days short, passionate, and filled with hope that The Dalton House will be a lighthouse for community members who have experienced trauma, grief, and loss.

Meet the Visionaries of The Dalton House

LindyAnne Johnson, Founder of The Dalton House, is a wife, a mother, a bereaved mother, a friend, and a counselor, who has worked professionally and personally with Trauma, Grief, and Loss for over two decades. LindyAnne believes that every human has the potential and capacity to walk through Trauma, Grief, and Loss while finding purpose, renewal and revival of self, and their own individual journey to healing. She has worked with populations ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Adults in various stages of life and circumstance. <read more>

Neil Keith Johnson, Co-Founder of The Dalton House, has worked in the field of law enforcement for nearly three decades and has significant experience with trauma, grief, and loss stemming from both his professional and personal life. Neil is a husband, father, of three daughters and one son, and became a bereaved father on July 26, 2019, when a Yukon pulled into the path of his son’s motorcycle. Dalton Keith Johnson, Neil’s only son was killed instantly. <read more>

Trysten Dial, Co-Founder. Biography coming soon…

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