LindyAnne Johnson, Founder of The Dalton House, is a wife, a mother, a bereaved mother, a friend, and a counselor ,who has worked professionally and personally with Trauma, Grief, and Loss for over two decades. LindyAnne believes that every human has the potential and capacity to walk through Trauma, Grief, and Loss while finding purpose, renewal and revival of self, and their own individual journey to healing. She has worked with populations ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to Adults in various stages of life and circumstance. On July 26, 2019, Lundy experienced her worst nightmare, the loss of her child, Dalton, her second to oldest, and only son, was killed in a motorcycle crash at the age of 18. Her world as she knew it, fell apart that day. Her world turned gray. Her family was no longer whole. She grieves. She mourns. In her mourning, She began to draw strength and passion from having walked with and watched Dalton gain resiliency and journey through his own trauma, grief, and loss. LindyAnne began pondering ways of carrying Dalton’s resilience, strength, passions, and legacy of helping others forward. One night, on the couch of the family home, where Dalton sought refuge from unkindness of the world, the idea of The Dalton House was born. The same home that now holds immense sadness, a mother, a father, and 3 cherished sisters trying to survive their loss, and an abundant amount of Trauma, Grief, and Loss in the Dalton’s death and absence. The very next day, LindyAnne shared her vision and passion with the family, and everyone was immediately on board. As a family, they started making plans to move The Dalton House, a community refuge and support for Trauma, Grief, and Loss, forward.

LindyAnne holds a Masters in Clinical Counseling from a CACREP accredited program at Central Methodist University. She also holds a Bachelor in Social Psychology with concentrations in Abnormal/Clinical and Human Developmental with a Minor in social work from Park University.

LindyAnne has served on the Board of Directors at Park University, served on the Counselor Advisory Board at University of Missouri- Kansas City, and currently at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. LindyAnne was Staff Member of the Year at State Fair Community College in 2014.

LindyAnne currently works at Clinton High School, as the College/Career Counselor through The Ayers Foundation and rootEd Alliance. She is passionate about helping rural students set post-secondary goals, build resilience in their own circumstances and assists them in finding success in meeting their goals. LindyAnne spends her extra time volunteering at The Dalton House, holding virtual face to face support groups through The Dalton House, and spending time with her beautiful family.

Neil Keith Johnson, Co-Founder of The Dalton House, has worked in the field of law enforcement for nearly three decades and has significant experience with trauma, grief, and loss stemming from both his professional and personal life. Neil is a husband, a father of three daughters, and one son, and became a bereaved father on July266, 2019, when a Yukon pulled into the path of his son’s motorcycle. Dalton Keith Johnson, Neil’s only son, was killed instantly. Neil is committed to ensuring Dalton’s memory and legacy survives and is advanced through The Dalton House. Dalton’s tenacity of life, his love for adventure, his entrepreneurship, and his overwhelming resiliency will be an example to all who enter The Dalton House.

Neil holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration: Law Enforcement, from Park University, where he graduated with honers. Neil also holds a Master of Science in Criminal Justice from University of Central Missouri.

Neil has been employed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol for over twenty-five years and is currently in a supervisory role as a Master Sergeant. During his time as a trooper, Neil also worked part time for Liberty School District, which offered numerous opportunities for him to interact with and help guide students of all ages though many traumatic and life altering experiences. The experience gained through his own life, as a trooper, and in his capacity with the school district has helped Neil develop the skills and understand necessary to guide and direct the day-to-day operations of The Dalton House.

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